Friday, March 27, 2015

Cheeseburgers and the Restored Church

July 7,2014

Tuesday I met Elder Daniels, my new companion, and we drove to our apartment just outside Damariscotta. We went to a food pantry at a Congregational church to help out, and later we got to visit Norm, a new-ish member, and the Doray family. The Doray family is sweet! The mom is not a member, but the husband and kids are. To be honest I hardly know them, but I love them already. I hope we get to visit them more.

On the grand ol' Fourth of July we didn't have a lot of plans. We visited Norm again and stopped in on another member, but in the evening I got to meet Benny. Benny was driving by the church one Sunday at 10 AM and decided to stop in. He was well-received and liked it so much he came back. Now he says he wants to join a church. When I walked in to his home, he asked why I'm here and I got to tell him everything I believe. It was such a cool experience to get to just tell him. He made us cheeseburgers and we taught him about Christ's church when He was on the earth and how the church was restored to the earth.

Saturday we got to power wash the Barker family's house. Then we got to build a deck with Brother Locke.

This place has some pretty awesome people. Not sure what this week holds, but I am so excited to get to work here. Hope everything's going well for y'all!

With Love, 

Elder Richins

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