Monday, March 9, 2015

Workout Equipment and Farewell to Elder Thomas

Apr 7, 2014

On Monday we had an interesting experience with Brother Dicker, a member of the Bishopric. He wants us to come over to help his wife come back to church, and our offers to visit have so far not aligned with their schedule. We were in the area near his home (which we rarely are) and we decided to take him up on an 18-week-old offer to give us some workout equipment. I wasn't even here when he extended the offer, but we decided to trade him the six donut holes we had just received at a meal with another family, in exchange for the workout equipment previously mentioned. We saw him and his wife stare at us from the house as we pulled in the driveway, though it was very dark at this point. We quickly prayed before going in. When we knocked on the door, Brother Dicker allowed us in, mentioning that we "should have scheduled ahead." Oh, no. He later told us that he had just gotten his wife to agree to have us over for dinner one night, and when we showed up she grilled him, "You said they were going to call ahead!" When we got in, first of all, their grandkids love us. Then, we had the perfect number of donut holes for their family. Lastly, as we shared our favorite scriptures (at Brother Dicker's request) the Spirit touched each heart in the room. It was so quiet, and everyone smiled. We prayed with their family before going downstairs to pick out weights. As Brother Dicker walked us to our car at the end of our 20-minute visit, he shared that Sister Dicker enjoyed having us in her home again. He called us the next day to thank us again. I think that our visit was an answer to his prayers. I know Heavenly Father answers prayers. The influence of the Spirit is often so subtle that we don't see it working immediately. I am so thankful that we can be led by someone with so much love and compassion.

As for Elder Thomas, he is leaving tomorrow. I will receive a new companion and continue working here. I am so sad for him to leave. He taught me SO MUCH. At the same time, I can't wait to meet my new companion.

Where to from here?

"Onward, ever onward, as we glory in His name!" (Called to Serve, Hymns 249)

With Love, 

Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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