Friday, March 20, 2015

He's Getting Baptized! and My Hip-hop Style

June 9, 2014

Elder Sheriff and Bishop Crouse went to Terry's house on Saturday while Brother McLaughlin and I visited the Liberty family. Brother McLaughlin and I were a bit late getting back, so I thought Bishop would be a bit mad at us for being late. We got back to the apartment at 8:40 (we planned on 8:15) and they weren't there. We waited until 9:30 for them to get back. AND TERRY SET A DATE FOR HIS BAPTISM! He's going to be baptized on July 5th. He wanted to keep taking the classes for a while and then get baptized, but Bishop went in and told him that if he only questions and never does, he'll never get baptized. He has been taught by the missionaries for a while and finally all the work and prayer he's put into learning are coming to fruition.

So, you'll never guess what I found in our closet.


Elder Richins

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