Sunday, March 8, 2015

Whoopie Pies and a Difficult Week

Mar 31, 2014

This week was so difficult. Things have just been adding up for a while. I cannot describe how inadequate I have felt, how tired I have been, how much I have needed to pray, how much aid I have received, how much love I have felt from the Lord. I now have a testimony that prayer works. God is so willing to hear and help us. Not just in emergencies or when we have nowhere else to go, although He certainly does hear us then, but in any case where we need more than we have, we can turn to Him. This week has humbled me. I feel ready for God to make of me whatever He wants.

Now I just hope we get to stay here in Waterville a little while longer. Now that the storm is over, I want to see some sun, ya know? Transfers are next week, and Elder Thomas plans on leaving.

Risk with Elder Roberts while on exchange. My first game. I sent my red guys to attack the neutral yellow guys in Iceland so I could take control of Europe. We have Risk in our attic, and I considered playing it five ways against myself over the course of a week, but then I decided I have better things to do.

The first day I didn't have to wear a coat.

We are in a contest with the Sister missionaries to see who can fatten the other up more. Not really, but we do try to pawn our too-many desserts off on each other. These whoopie pies were found on our porch last night.


Elder Richins

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