Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Elder Sheriff and the "Mormons" at Colby College

Apr. 14, 2014

Twenty-one. That is the number of selfies on my camera taken on the way to transfer meeting, where we picked up Elder Sheriff from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He has been out about 13 months and has served in Maine and New Hampshire. I am truly amazed at how well things have been going since Elder Sheriff came to Waterville. He just has such drive, and love for the gospel and the people here.

We visited the Madisons and helped Damian start his scripture study. He hasn't been reading from the Book of Mormon, but he has the Book of Mormon Stories picture book, of which he and his parents committed to read a chapter daily. Elder Sheriff had the awesome idea to have them read half in the morning and half at night and start each reading with a family prayer. Elder Sheriff has no shortage of boldness, and he showed it when he committed Dennis to read with his son as well as on his own. I believe that Dennis is an honest seeker of truth and when he reads the Book of Mormon he is going to find so much truth he's just going to explode. That's the best way I can describe it. He is going to have such strong faith and he's going to show it.

We went to a class on Mormons at Colby College (the class is called "Mormons") and answered questions about EVERYTHING. The students really wanted to know so much and it was an academic environment so they weren't afraid to ask the most excellent questions. I just love those students. They're just sweet!

I am so excited for this week; there is nothing we can't do!


Elder Richins

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