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Elder Richins in the Ditch

May 5, 2014

Dear World,

We are tearing this place up! Things are going so well. First of all, yesterday we visited Jay and Amy, his girlfriend, to talk about the Plan of Salvation. We brought Brother Jackson to teach with us, and I didn't know this, but Brother Jackson is so enthusiastic about teaching. He teaches so clearly. And Jay and Amy felt like this Church might be the place for them. (We agreed wholeheartedly). Amy opened up a lot, and they both listened intently. It was interesting to see them talk about it across the table, like they were making the decision right then and there if this is what they want. They are so open to hearing it, but seeing them apply it and want to change is even cooler than getting to just teach them. Jay said it's like missing a piece of a pie, except he said he's missing most of the pie. The gospel really is the whole pie. It's the only thing that can make us complete. I am so pumped to teach Jay and Amy and their kids (who should all be coming to church on Mother's Day [where I'll be speaking about my mother])!

We also visited Jessica and just had a real heart-to-heart talk about her relationship with God. She wants to come to church, but she feels like she's not welcomed by God. Like God might not love her because of the things she has done. There should be no room in a person for a thought like that. I have felt like that before, and I know that thought does not come from God. He wants each of us to know He loves us no matter what. I hope our testimonies took root in her heart. She needs to know it's not "one strike, you're out" or even "three strikes, you're out," but it's as many strikes as we need before we make a hit.

Earlier this week we got stuck in a ditch. All the snow has melted, making the grass RIDICULOUSLY green and softening every roadside. We had someone pull us out by the axle with their truck. After we tried pushing it. Those are my black shoes.

We found a foosball table for free. We had to take it apart to get it in the back of the Chevy Cruze. Picture to be sent at a later date.

Awesome week. Even better ahead.


Elder Richins

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