Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Burden Lifted and a Dog Bite

Apr. 21, 2014

Elder Sheriff got food poisoning and we spent two days inside. We were not able to meet with the Madisons.

In happier news, we picked up six new investigators! One big, happy family! The Berards have been taught by the missionaries in the past. Yesterday we called to ask if we could swing by to share a message and bring some Easter treats. He said "It's a bit late for a message because I have work in the morning, but you can bring the treats." When we stopped by, everyone was still up and he invited us in. Our conversation around the table progressed towards the message we planned on sharing anyways, so we shared the video. I was surprised by how present the Spirit was. One of the girls was almost crying and a few of the kids talked about what Jesus Christ means to them. I would like to say that Jesus Christ means so much to me. Very recently I carried a weight that I wanted to get rid of. I prayed to have it removed from me. And He lifted it. He is so willing to lift us, our burdens, anything else we need lifted; he'll do it. He's so strong, just lifting things all over the place!

We had a really good Easter. We had dinner at an unnamed family's house, where I got bit on my face by a German Shepherd. Hope your Easter was as fun as mine!

With Love, 

Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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