Friday, March 6, 2015

The Post In Which We Put Someone in the Trash

Mar 17, 2014

This week we went on exchange; Elder Plyler came to Waterville with me. I was very excited to teach Barbara, the daughter of Charles and Jeanette, who haven't been to church in a few years. She is twenty and recently had a baby boy. Jeanette is going to stop smoking in a little while (we're working on it), so we talked about how the Holy Spirit can strengthen us with assurances of peace. They unfortunately did not make it to church this week, though they intended to previously. We also taught Damian, Dennis, and Rachel. Rachel is the only member in her family and is returning to activity. Our lesson was a little bit crazy; we put Damian in a giant trash bag with his head sticking out to symbolize sinning (your parents have told you a million times not to do that). You can move around in the bag UNTIL we suck out all the air with a vacuum cleaner. Then you're stuck. Satan has you. But through the Atonement you can be freed if you repent! (the point of the lesson)! Unfortunately, they didn't come to church either! What's up with that?! Anyways, most of the exchange was spent baking cookies and shoveling snow. We met some very nice people while shoveling, and when we took cookies to the Bishop he invited us in for a lesson.

The last three days in a row I saw the sun. I don't even know what to think. Wait a sec, YES I DO! I FORGOT HOW BRIGHT IT COULD BE OUTSIDE! I LOVE IT!

Me in my work suit. Just kidding, we didn't have time to change and it was only for a little while.


Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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