Thursday, March 26, 2015

Damian's Baptism

June 23, 2014

This Saturday I had the privilege of baptizing Damain Madison, an awesome, 10-year-old boy we've been teaching since before I got here. We taught him the day I came to Waterville and after a few months he decided that he wanted to be baptized on July 21st, the first day of summer. The baptism service was beautiful, and his dad, Dennis, made a cake, and so many people came. At church the next day, Elder Sheriff gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost. We visited him last night and he already seems a little bit different. I can see the difference the Holy Ghost makes in him. He was calmer and he has more light in his eyes. He's the same kid, but just a little different. I am so thankful I got to work with Damain. I am never going to forget him and his family.

With Love and Lovin' It, 

Elder Richins

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