Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Donuts-on-Strings & A Delicious New Suit

Mar 3, 2014

This week we visited Jessica, the wife of a less-active member. She has found so much happiness in what we have taught her so far. We focus a lot on eternal families, which has softened her heart immensely. She has a solid doctrinal knowledge from lessons with previous missionaries, but it is even greater to see her smile as we teach her. This week we held FHE at their house. Most of the kids did not come and she had a headache, but after we played Donuts-on-Strings it was obvious that she enjoyed it! It makes me so happy to see her so happy!

We had dinner with a less-active member named Jonathan. His mother, Deb, has been trying to help him come back to church for a while. We showed them the Prodigal Son video from the Bible Videos series on Jonathan took the boldness well. He has a greater desire to come to church, and should be there next week (we works some Sundays). He has to stop smoking and drinking, but we gave him a blessing for that. He will make it. I have faith in him.

I set some steep goals for this week: I have to read ten pages of the scriptures per day or pay Elder Thomas a nickel per page I missed, and I have to write one full page in my journal every day or pay Elder Thomas a quarter. I love Elder Thomas so much. This companionship just makes me so happy!

See this? This is what happiness looks like.


Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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