Friday, March 13, 2015

Serving Evelyn

Apr 28, 2014

This week we helped a lady named Evelyn with her yard. Her husband passed away in November and she is having a rough time with it. She is too old to care for her yard, and she has some fallen tree limbs and things to take care of. Her tool shed is rotting, so we could climb in the hole in the back (the door is locked) to get an ax and bow saw. I feel really good about serving her, because she really needs it.

Even though serving a mission is really stressful right now, I love it so much! Every night before planning for the next day we point out where we saw the Hand of the Lord that day. Some of the coolest things come together for good. I hope y'all are doing well; the Lord definitely has His hand in our lives.

With Love, 

Elder Jon Richins

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