Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The "Intentional Community" and Sweet Potato Pie

I realized this week that I left my battery charger in the apartment at Haverhill, one downside of moving and not going back. When you're a missionary, you can't take time out to buy batteries whenever you want (that's my cover-up for forgetting to buy batteries every time I was at the store).

We got to teach Jay and Chris, two guys who live in an "intentional community," where they grow some of their own produce and reduce waste with four other people living in the same house. We were planning on helping Chris move some furniture, but when we showed up he wasn't home. Jay was sitting on the couch on the porch and we got talking. Jay is a Buddhist and he attended a local college for a year. He is very concerned about sustaining the earth, and he's interested in volunteer organic farming. We helped him move furniture instead, until Chris got home from a local farm. (There are tons of local farms out here. We got to help gather potatoes this week.) We talked for a while about church and we invited them, and Chris won't be able to come for a while because he works most Sundays, but we'll keep seeing them. They seem really humble, and very open to learning.

On Saturday, I got to make a pie for the Ward Cultural Night! I figured since I'm pretty American, I'd make a sweet potato pie. I did it mostly by eyeballin' and I even figured out how to do a crust!

Inline image 2

Pretty sweet week, but "WE CAN DO BETTER!" (As Elder Chapman says every ten minutes).

Sincerely, Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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