Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crazy Street Contacting Day


I wanted to take pictures of all the trees here, because it's just so different from Texas. There are trees EVERYWHERE here. And then I looked up, haha!

Inline image 4

This is how much food the members here give us.

Inline image 8

Anyways, this week was a magical week for street contacting, which is basically walking up a street and talking with everyone you see. I asked Elder Chapman what getting out of his shell this week was like and he said it was more like getting out of a submarine underwater. He wouldn't talk with most people unless I nudged him or something, but this week in Saint Johnsbury we had a crazy street contacting day! It was a street contacting fiesta! We drive there, get out of the car, and the first thing we do is give away a copy of the Book of Mormon to a guy named David. Later we talked with a guy who was making a rug (out of yarn) on the front steps of the library. Talking with everyone we see is awesome! We see so many blessings from it, even though it's kinda scary!

Elder Chapman thought it would be a good idea to give Don, one of our investigators, a tour of the church. We went to his house and got talking, which is sometimes a bad idea because it's really hard to get back on track. Then Don asked what plans we had for the rest of the night and Elder Chapman said "Oh, we're giving a tour of the church" and Don asked who was going to be there. He walked right into that one. The church tour went smoothly, and Don appreciated getting to see the chapel. Hopefully he'll be more comfortable coming to church now that he knows a little bit  what it's like.

And speaking of people coming to church, Sarah came to church! I love it when people come to church. We've been meeting with Sarah for a few weeks and she sometimes comes to Wednesday Night Scripture Study, but she didn't come on Sunday morning until now. Next stop, baptism! (Maybe, we still have to talk with her and see what she thinks. But it could be in the cards!)

Love, Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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