Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elder Chapman Steps Up to the Plate

October 21, 2013

New District Leader! (What what!) It's not me; it's Elder Chapman! (Even better!) So, a district leader leads a district, usually made up of 3-5 missionary companionships. Every week at district meeting, he presents training, leads discussion of various items of district business, and helps the district set new goals for the week. Missionary leadership is really important; there are 12 pages dedicated to it in the Missionary Handbook (also known as the Book of Blessings or the Book of Rules, depending on how you look at it). Elder Chapman will be the District Leader here for at least the next transfer, starting today, which means that: 1) he might be stressing out, 2) I'll support him even when it gets tough, and 3) he's already stepping up to the plate. The day after we got the call he did something he had never done before. He was serious. Not only serious, but he seemed extra prepared for the day. I can't wait to see what this transfer holds; surely it will cause both of us to grow stronger in testimony and skill.

This week we were asked by Bishop Tucker to visit a member who moved in two months ago and hadn't been to church. The bishop in the ward where he moved from called Bishop Tucker to give him the name and address of the member. We tried to stop by him on McGill Street, and instead met a man who had met with the missionaries before and might be interested in meeting again. No answer, though, when we knocked on the member's door. Days later, we realized that we had the street wrong; it was Gilman, not McGill. So we got to visit the member yesterday (he's awesome and wants to play basketball with us and serve a mission and he was living in Texas!), AND we made contact with a former investigator. Super blessings!

Love y'all! (One of the Sister missionaries said y'all this morning!)
Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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