Monday, September 16, 2013

"Skizzie" greetings (I'm pretty sure that's how you use it in text!)

Sweet Greetings from Lyndon, Vermont!

Day One: Drove to the transfer meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire. Got a new companion and drove to Lyndon, VT, where we helped deliver a washing machine to a family in the Lyndon Ward. My new companion, Elder Chapman, is one of the goofiest Elders (I'm not allowed to call him a guy) I have ever met.

So far, he's taught me that "skizzies" means "sweet" and that you can never do too many object lessons. He also taught me to watch out for the skunks in the backyard.

Day Two: 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

Day Three: Climbed a tree in the rain to save a cat. Looks like I might be down one shirt if this doesn't bleach out.

Day Four: 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

Day Five: The Sister missionaries (they go around with "Sister" on their name tags instead of "Elder") held a baptismal service for the newest member of the Church! We got to help someone in St. Johnsbury give up cigarettes!

Day Six: In church we got to help out in the Sunday School (the best job ever). I got to meet almost everyone who attends church regularly. It's really important for missionaries to get to know the members of the Church because that's who we're supposed to work with the most. There's a big push for missionaries to stop knocking on people's doors and start finding opportunities to teach through the members. I think this week we're going to meet with members to help them invite their friends and family to learn about the gospel. Sometimes members just don't realize how much this message could change people's lives.

Love (that's right, Texas, I love you),
Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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