Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Montpelier and a Blessing for Nelly

While Elder Robison went to the Mission Leadership Training in Manchester, I stayed in Montpelier (VT Capitol!) with Elder Chilton, from California. He wrestles. We worked well together and tried visiting less-active members, but the craziest thing that happened is that we went to someone's house for dinner and they had to go to a basketball game. So they left us in their house. Their huge, HUGE house. And they said, "Don't lock the doors; we don't. And leave the lights on." So, we finished dinner and cleaned up and put the unused dishes away and took a picture with their Christmas tree and another picture with their Lego table downstairs. Then we left the lights on and the doors unlocked and left. I'll just dump a bunch of pictures on next week.

On Wednesday, Elder Robison and I received a phone call from Nelly, cancelling our Friday dinner appointment; she unfortunately contracted the flu. Thus giving us the opportunity to give her a priesthood blessing. We went that night and Elder Robison gave her a blessing. On Friday, when we called, she said she was feeling much better and that she was planning on coming to church this week. I'm always relieved when I see that a blessing worked. She (and most of the ward) didn't come to church due to snow, but we'll call and see how she's doing. She is such a sweet lady. I just love getting to know her and be her friend and teach her.

We dropped Loius. We taught him about Christmas being Christ's birthday, which he hadn't ever heard. Then we talked about Christ being a gift so we could have eternal life. Then he said he didn't believe in that. Following further discussion, it came down to that he wants to just live his life, be nice to others, do what he wants, and not worry about the "extra stuff" like reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and following certain commandments. Then Elder Robison dropped him. I support his decision fully, though. It was a bit disappointing to see Loius read from the Book of Mormon, grow in his confidence in praying, and understand the things we were telling him, only to stumble over the commandments. He is going to be a sweet investigator in the future, though.

We taught Alex, a less-active member, a Christmas-themed lesson and then directly brought him to May, another less-active member, and taught her the same lesson. Elder Robison pointed out how great it is to have those awkward moments where the person you are teaching and the member you brought are talking and we just sit and listen.

One great miracle this week: Friday night we decided we would go to Danville the next day. Saturday morning we made phone calls and got one solid appointment, while planning to spend six hours in Danville. Somehow we had a solid day. We weren't able to get in contact with Mitch and when we called earlier he said we probably wouldn't be able to catch his family all together. Mitch is the only member in his home. When we got out of the car in front of his home, his wife and mother-in-law pulled in. He came out to help with the groceries, so we helped carrying. We taught his entire family, and then his parents showed up, so we kept teaching. We couldn't have planned it any better.

So, it was a good week. Can't wait for Christmas; I get to Skype my family! Loving it out here!
Love, Elder Richins

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