Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Movies and a Skowhegan Exchange

Feb 3 2014

This week we had an exchange with the Skowhegan Elders. Elder Bagley and I were planning on going Family History Tracting and we actually made it to the driveway of the first house we planned on visiting before I realized the Spirit was telling us not to go, so we turned around and left the area and prayed for guidance on what to do. We felt impressed to visit Deven, a less-active member, and when we called he sounded excited for us to come over. He has started to turn his life around, leaving behind the depression from his divorce, and he attributes it to us visiting him last week and giving him a spiritual jumpstart. I don't know why this sticks out to me as a sign of real change, but he enrolled in Karate. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to come to church yet due to his job as a plow-truck driver. He is excited to come to church, though, and he committed to read from the Book of Mormon, which will help him strengthen his faith SO MUCH! And we are going to bring members of the Church to his home so when he can come he feels more comfortable!

We found someone to teach! His name is Jonathan and he grew up Christian and he has tons of questions! We watched The Restoration movie with him and he quoted John 3:16 as it was quoted in the movie! He's just so cool!

We plan on watching the full-length version of the movie with the Madison family. The movie is called Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration and it's available on (probably also, but Elder Thomas has it on DVD. It should answer a lot of questions that Dennis, the father, has about what role Joseph Smith played in restoring the gospel to the earth.

We also watched Finding Faith in Christ with a family this week. It was so cool; after the movie we each took turns bearing testimony of how faith has helped us and how receiving an increase of faith could help us more. Elder Thomas has some of the sweetest ideas ever.

Elder Thomas and I have been trading off getting sick. Elder Thomas was sick after district meeting on Wednesday and on Thursday, and then I was sick on Friday, and then he was sick on Saturday.

I've been trying to use the time to read the Book of Mormon, so I can finish the 40-Day Challenge! People in the ward here are getting excited for it. One family just called us and asked if they could start it, and one man talked about it in church.

Things are going so well. This week will be amazing! I love you all and hope you're doing well.

With Love, Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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