Monday, February 23, 2015

One-hundred-and-something Inches of Snow

Dear World,
Yes, I am still alive. Despite the hundred-and-something inches of snow, Maine has, for the most part, been shoveled out.
Things are going really well here! A few weeks ago we asked a lady if she knew anyone who needed help shoveling and she directed us to a lady named Cheri who very much appreciated the help! This week we had the opportunity to teach her in her home with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Osborne. I didn't get to be there because we were on companion exchanges for the day (I was in Saco), but I heard it went very well. She has so many questions, and she almost came to church this Sunday. She's a wonderful lady.
We also got to teach Jack and Donna, Brother Osborne's friends he introduced us to a few weeks ago. We gave Jack a copy of the Book of Mormon then, and he's been reading! Donna said she started, but is waiting until he finishes it. So we gave her a copy too! She was so excited to have her own copy!
I'm coming to the last three months of my mission. I guess it's a point where I have to think about what I need to do after I get home (like get a job), and I have to have an ever-increasing dedication to serving the Lord. I need to re-evaluate what I want to learn and do in these last few months. I've still very excited to serve here in this wonderful place.
God Bless,
Elder Richins

Taking care of the goats

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