Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Christianity is Love in Action

Happy New Year!

I saw this sign in one of the chapels and had to have the quote. Just want you to know that even though we're a thousand miles apart, I still love you. Like a brother or sister, depending on who's reading.

This week we met again with David (I forgot his fake name) and talked with him about his experiences in Vietnam. He has seen so much in his lifetime. He was a medic, which means he saw a lot of people die. He was wounded and didn't tell his parents. After the war, he suffered from PTSD. When he joined the Church, he felt like it just made sense to him, and even though he is unable to attend church at this point he remains faithful. During our visit, he asked if there was a special place for those who died before they had a chance to live their life. Listening is so important with David. There is a place we all go after we die, something we call the Spirit World. We wait there until the Resurrection, when we all gain perfected bodies. But David wants to know if there is a special place for these people. I don't have an answer yet. I am so thankful for the scriptures, though, and the words of modern prophets.

I have to go. When I write my weekly letter to the Mission President, I usually don't take this long, but it took a while this week. Love you!

With Love, Elder Richins

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