Thursday, September 12, 2013

World War 3 and Stir Fry

I leave for three months and you've already started World War 3?! We don't read newspapers or watch the news as missionaries, so when I heard about a possible WW3 with Syria from people on the streets I had no idea if it was just a media-hype or if it was serious, and I didn't want to ask anyone because that defeats the purpose of not reading the papers.
I am coming up on the end of my second transfer, so I'll know by next Monday whether I'm staying in Haverhill or leaving. This transfer scares me because I don't know if I'm staying with Elder Pritchett. He's become an amazing friend to me. We talked about it, and as weird as it sounds, a decent chunk of our friendship comes from cooking together. Some missionaries buy their food separately and cook and eat separately, but Elder Pritchett and I have bonded over instant rice and stir-fry. I can see why the leaders of the Church urge families to spend time together and eat dinner together and set aside time for each other. Spending time together strengthens familial and friendly bonds.
As a missionary, one lesson that I continue to learn is to talk with everyone I meet. Most people aren't interested, but giving everyone the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon is really important.
Sorry I don't have much time to share this week; I was having some computer issues. Adios! (Though I don't speak Spanish, I speak enough to get through a lesson with my companion. Might try to pick up a bit more.)
Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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