Thursday, September 12, 2013

Leading Out On Foot

I forgot to mention, but last week I did something called a "companion exchange," where you trade companions for the day. I led out (for the first time) in Haverhill with Elder Jessee while Elder Pritchett spent his birthday in Derry, New Hampshire. Leading out for the first time was incredibly stressful because I still don't know the area as well as I should. Knowing the area comes in handy for nightly planning, when you plan who you'll try to teach the next day. When a missionary comes in who doesn't know the area at all (like on a companion exchange) you have to make the plans yourself, which I hadn't done. It took me an hour. An hour of staring at my planner and a map while Elder Jessee sat patiently in Elder Pritchett's chair. I grew up so much in that hour. All in all, I consider that exchange successful.

This week, Elder Pritchett and I have been on foot, which is the best thing in Haverhill because there are so many people to talk with.
One sweet miracle from walking: We were walking a street over from where we normally walk and started talking with a woman who was moving. We found out that she and her husband are members of the Church and had stopped attending when they were in Lowell because they couldn't find the building. They moved to Haverhill for three years and were moving back to Lowell the day that we met her. We got her phone number and address for the missionaries there.
Hope everything's going well back home; trying not to think about it too much, though!

Love, Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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