Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transfer Day

When a potential missionary sends in their application to become a missionary, it goes to the President of the Church, who prayerfully decides with some of his counselors where that missionary will go. Once a missionary is actually in the field, he or she is sent to a specific area to work. The process is similar: the mission president prayerfully decides where that missionary will serve for the next six weeks. So I know that even though I am leaving Haverhill (the only city I know here, the one with the streets that I just figured out) and I won't know where I am going until the transfer meeting tomorrow, I am 100% in the hands of the Lord. That is the best place I can possibly be. 

I am going to miss my trainer, Elder Pritchett, like a madman. He is a sweet missionary and an even better friend. I am going to miss the Georgetown Ward (local congregation), that covers a diverse 31 zip-codes. I am going to miss Miriam, our wonderful, dedicated investigator. She will hopefully be baptized in late October. Even though I'm disappointed that I won't be there to see it, I am so excited for her! That's a big part of missionary work: you experience disappointments, but you never have to be disappointed in yourself or in the Lord. Wherever I go, I know that that's where I'm supposed to be. Even if it's not Haverhill.

Love, Elder Jon Harrison Richins

Jon and Elder Pritchett on the left at the Ward's traditional "transfer morning breakfast."  
note from Mom- As a mom I am so grateful for all the people that take care of my son as if he was their own.  Thanks!

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