Saturday, May 23, 2015

iPad and Almost Home!

​At the mission conference!

This week marks the first week that missionaries in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission can use iPads for proselyting purposes! All the missionaries were brought together in the Exeter Stake Center for a meeting. I was really surprised. I thought we would just talk about how to use them for teaching and stuff, but we talked first about being safe and about focusing on our purpose as missionaries, which is to invite others to come unto Christ. If we're using the tools we're given (iPads, phones, etc.) to invite others to come unto Christ, then we're using the tool right. There's a lot of concern about using them effectively. I honestly don't know how to use an iPad for missionary work. I wish I had the opportunity to learn how, because that would help me more in "real life" (what you're living right now) because when I get home (in like a week and a half) I want to continue sharing the gospel in every way I can. The constraint on my learning ability right now is time. And the fact that I didn't get an iPad because I have such a short amount of time left (but I did get to touch one!).

​Me with Elder Truman's iPad mini.

Things have been going well in the work. We'll be on our way to the Temple in Boston in a few minutes, so I'm short on time, but I do want to say that the gospel of Jesus Christ, the things he and his Apostles taught, are true. I've felt those things work in my life. I've gained a stronger testimony of them as I've searched the scriptures and prayed. I love God and I love my family. God Bless.

Elder Richins

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