Saturday, May 2, 2015

Teaching Jeremie

April 30, 2015

Two days ago we met a man named Jeremie who lives in Haverhill. He was painting his grandparents' railing for their house and we happened to walk by at the time. When we approached him, he didn't put down his brush or anything, but he was friendly nonetheless. He said that he has Kleinfelters Syndrome, and that it causes him a lot of medical problems. At this point, the one that affects him the most is memory loss. Much like Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates, he has to write down what he did that day and read it after he wakes up each morning, or else he won't remember it. We told him what we do as missionaries, how we teach people, and offered to teach him at his home. He said we could and gave his address.

When we visited the next day, he remembered us! Elder Truman and I taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel, and we talked about how the gospel could bless him in his daily life. He said that he has little or no religious background, but he was willing to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon (once that evening and then again the next morning) and then pray about the message we shared. We scheduled another appointment for tonight. We're excited to go back and see him again!


Elder Richins

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