Monday, May 4, 2015

SPRINT to the End

(Real time, Baby!)

Yesterday in studies I made a plan for the last four weeks of my mission. I call it SPRINT, which stands for:

Seek His Will (for you and others)
Pray Earnestly
Repent/Account Daily
Immerse Yourself in the Scriptures (Scripture Memo. and seeking answers to questions)
'Nother Testament (read it to understand the Atonement)
Totally Jacked (work out hard every morning)

I've found a really great way to account for my efforts every day (step 3), by having boxes to check for each letter every day on a sticky note. It feels more productive already to have this as my goal, and to have accountability pre-set for each day. I'm looking forward to this last four weeks. "Don't Run, SPRINT." Anyways, it's kinda goofy, but I think it will help.

Elder Richins

Got to go to the temple last week!

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