Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Unanswered Questions and the Balmy Days II

Sept 8, 2014

This week Elder Rees and I have been working hard to contact and teach people. We started teaching a man named Allen. He has met with the missionaries before and was left with lots of unanswered questions. When we first met him on his porch, he said he "knows enough about Mormonism to know it's not for him." But we asked what his unanswered questions were and he said he wanted to know why God allows us to suffer so much, why He didn't give us better human nature, and why He gave us free will if that would make us potentially self-destructive. When we came back on Friday we gave him answers. At the end, he said that he felt that even though he really wants knowledge, "I don't need to know the 'chemical formula' for temptation. I just need to know how to never give in to it." I think he was really taught by the Holy Ghost. I am so excited to see him follow through on his newly-found knowledge. We get to teach him again tomorrow.

We also got to bring a member teaching this week who we don't normally bring. Brother Zaugg came to teach Ryan with us. We taught Ryan about the Restoration of the Gospel and Brother Zaugg testified of the Book of Mormon and talked about his conversion. His took 14 years, he said, to which Ryan responded, "I hope it doesn't take that long for me." (I hope it doesn't either). Unfortunately he didn't come to church. He didn't have to go clamming because the tide was up at that time, so we're not sure why he didn't come.

Anyways, it was a pretty good week. We found out that one person we teach likes playing Magic: The Gathering, so Elder Rees got to take him on during one of our dinner hours. Fun time!

Us on a boat (a ferry to Monhegan Island, so it's okay.)

Me an' the Balmy Days II, Aargh!

With Love,

Elder Richins

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