Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Rough Week but Things Are Looking Up

October 20, 2104

This week we brought Marc, a member, to teach Alan with us. He participated in the lesson a lot, asking questions and providing insights in our reading in 1 Nephi. He invited Alan to church and Alan was so close to accepting the invitation. He has a few small concerns about getting to church, but we think he has another concern that he's not telling us. Either way, he did not come to church this week. We are going to hold off on the commitment to come to church for a little while so that we don't pester him. We'll focus more on his reading and helping him gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He told us this week how he first gained his faith in Christ. As a teenager he sprained his ankle one summer and was laid up for weeks. During this time he decided to read the entire Bible. As he read he started to like Jesus a lot, like a really close friend. Alan kind of has a distrust for people, and Jesus just seemed like a more solid person.

We also taught the Dorays. We just talked a little bit about scripture study with them and then read part of 1 Nephi 1 in the Book of Mormon. They had to go somewhere, so we didn't read it all so as to be considerate of their time. We plan on helping them, the kids especially, to get excited for the Book of Mormon by making scripture covers for Family Home Evening. Their family is way cool! We actually found out this week that they play Magic: the Gathering (a trading card game started in the 90's, still very popular) and my last companion, Elder Rees, taught me how to play. One person we teach, Joe, gave Elder Chisholm and I decks of cards and is going to teach Elder Chisholm how to play. I started poring over my deck, thinking up strategies, before I realized I could be using my time much better.

This few weeks has been kinda rough, but things are looking up.

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