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Seven-Days-a-Week and the Stop Smoking Workshop

 July 28, 2014

We have some of the best investigators here in Damariscotta!

One couple, Joe and Livia, run a "lobstah" stand in town and they give us little bits of lobstah sometimes when we go there to see them. They treat it like some people treat candy. I've had more lobstah from them in the last two weeks than I've had the rest of my mission. This is the Joe that we street-contacted two weeks ago. We picked them up as investigators this week, shared a message about the Plan of Salvation, and then had a church tour on Saturday night and shared the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. The church tour went smoothly, and they brought a friend with them who, in Livia's words, "needs God in his life." At the end of the Restoration lesson we invited each of them to be baptized and Livia said, "Well, I have to read the Book first!" This was a huge jump for her because when we asked them about the role of religion in their life, Livia kept saying, "Joe needs to be baptized," and we were inviting her to be baptized too. She was Catholic in Brazil, and didn't know she needed to be re-baptized. Now the only problem is getting them to church. They work seven days a week! Joe goes lobstering every day except Sunday and the stand is open every day, so they would have to get someone to work the stand for them. It just seems like a lot to ask for, one of their busiest days out of the week. But this is also a great opportunity for them to follow Jesus Christ by keeping the commandments to the fullest. I am so excited to teach them!

I don't know how common this knowledge is, but the missionaries (worldwide, I think) have access to a program designed to help people stop smoking. I've read the program and it helps eliminate the urge to smoke. I have not gotten to help anyone do the program yet, BUT FINALLY I'm going to get to help someone stop smoking this Sunday! A lady named Chrissy committed to stop smoking starting this Sunday, August 3rd with her husband, when we teach them the Stop Smoking workshop. She has been taught by the missionaries for a while and her husband has been coming back to church (he's a member) and two of her kids have been baptized.

We don't have any investigators with a baptismal date yet. Ellen is coming close. She's been to church many times over the last few years, but she still does not have a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet. She has a testimony of prayer and of Jesus Christ and of some commandments, but I think the main problem is that she hasn't prayed about it. It's important to know all the truth, not just a part.

This week has been busy, tiring, fun, spiritual. I hope you're all doing well!


Elder Richins

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