Sunday, August 4, 2013

Miriam and a Transfer

I love it when people come to church! One of our investigators, Miriam, has come to church for the last two weeks and she's making friends like crazy. She even came to a baptism so she could see what it's like and then made even more friends at the open house afterwards. She's been keeping commitments to read the Book of Mormon, and every time we teach her she's like "Yeah, that's how I feel too." She is totally ready for baptism. Like on September 14. I think a lot of her dedication has to do with the fact that she came to church. If someone is willing to come to church, they're probably also willing to do a lot more.
Companionships are set every six weeks, and each six weeks is called a transfer. This week is transfers, and the trio gets broken up. Elder Pritchett and I go back to Haverhill full-time, and Elder Childers stays in Newburyport to train a new missionary. We'll still get to see him every week at church, but not every day. Working as a trio has its ups and downs; ups: you get to cook as a group and you have more people to work out with; downs: less shower time and people on the street get more nervous when they see three men in suits approaching them.

Well, not a whole lot to say about this week. I love y'all back home.

Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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