Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ginormous Shoes and Singin' at the Boardwalk

A few weeks ago, we met a local artist named Tomaso and invited him to church. That Sunday, he bicycled to church to deliver this. Unfortunately, he arrived about an hour after the services ended. We just got the picture yesterday. I think I'm the tall one, but I'm not blonde (no complaints, really).

We've been singing a lot down in Newburyport. We sing at the boardwalk and then hand out cards and pamphlets. Here's us at the boardwalk.

I found out a while ago that Haverhill used to have several really important shoe factories forever ago and that they have these giant, painted shoes all over. There are supposedly thirteen or fourteen of them, so I've started taking pictures with them.

Some of the shoes are actually inside buildings. This one is in an apartment building and we couldn't get in.

We've been talking with a huge family who wants to hear more about the gospel. They're a bit rough around the edges (one of the sons is going to turn himself in to the police today for unpaid fines, and they all drink and smoke), but we talk with them all the time and when they see us they're like "Hey, come read a Proverb to us!" They are some of the nicest people we get to talk with. It would be so cool to see them turn their lives around.
Being a missionary is seriously one of the coolest things ever. We get to teach and minister to people who don't have hope or see their infinite potential, and then help them make needed changes in their life so that they can come closer to Christ.

Well, I get kicked off this computer in 30 seconds, so I guess I'll write more later.

Buh-Bye Now,
Elder Jon Harrison Richins

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