Sunday, July 21, 2013

June 24th everybody!

Once again, no pictures. This time it's my fault. And I only have five more minutes of computer time.

     I've been assigned to a city called Haverhill (pronounced hay-vril), MA. It's right on the Merimack River. I'm being trained by an Elder Pritchett, who is an ultimate frisbee-er, a mathematician, and a good listener. He's really good at listening to the Spirit.

      Miracle: This week, our phone ran out of batteries (this is really bad because we need to always be available, so we went to the apartment to charge it and rethink our plans (an appointment had fallen through). We prayed to know how to spend the rest of the Lord's time that day. Elder Pritchett felt that we should visit the Green family and that someone on the way would need our help. The Greens were not home, but from their porch we saw a young woman and her father in a driveway. We asked if they were interested in hearing about Jesus. The father replied that his family is Jewish. We asked if he knew anyone that needed service or an uplifting message. He did. His father had passed away two hours previous. We shared a short message of God's love and plan for us.

     It's really cool to be out here. I know that the Lord is providing for me.
All right, I'm out of time. I love y'all (yes, I'm still a Texan) and wish you the best!

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